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How to create effective web video commercials.

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  1. Choose a template.
    Choose a commercial video template that suits your needs. Vimeo’s free commercial maker includes a variety of professional, intuitive templates to get you started. 
  2. Add images from our stock library.
    Add images or clips from our unlimited stock library to enhance your commercial’s visual appeal, or upload your own. 
  3. Edit your commercial to match your brand.
    Customize by adding text, adjusting filters, choosing a color palette, and more with Vimeo’s free commercial creator. 
  4. Share your video commercials online.
    Save and share your video commercial online to social media directly through Vimeo’s free commercial maker, or download it to your computer.

Pro tips for creating persuasive video commercials online.

No degree in advertising or video production? No worries. With Vimeo’s free commercial video maker, anyone can create engaging web video commercials with beautiful visuals. These expert tips and best practices will help you create sales-driving commercials that make a big impression. 

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Create video commercials that tell a story.

The most successful commercials tell a compelling story that helps viewers imagine how your product or service makes their life easier or more enjoyable. So, craft an intriguing story your target customer can relate to and showcase how your product or service can make a difference in their life. Even though web video commercials and TV ads are short – typically 15 or 30 seconds long, sometimes 60 seconds – use the power of visual imagery, text, and voice-overs or dialogue to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end. 

Set a tone that suits your brand. 

It may be tempting to create the most outrageous or hilarious commercial video you can dream of, but going for the extreme when it’s not a natural fit for your brand is a mistake. Instead, set a tone that suits your brand’s personality. If your brand is quirky and humorous, go all in for the hilarity, but if your brand is typically more subdued and sophisticated, create a commercial video that’s authentic to those traits. Vimeo’s free commercial making app offers tons of easy-to-use editing tools and an unlimited stock library of video clips and images so you can create impactful video commercials online in lockstep with your brand’s identity. 

Use a recurring theme to reinforce brand recognition.

We’ve come to associate certain characters and themes due to their regular appearances in the company’s commercials and other advertising (think Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials or the Energizer Bunny). That’s why you should use a recurring theme, like a certain character or storyline, a jingle, or a striking color scheme in your video commercials over time. With Vimeo Create’s commercial creator, you can add music, custom colors, logos, and brand fonts to make your video commercials instantly recognizable.

Commercials frequently asked questions.

  • Why are commercials so important?
    • Commercials can take several forms, such as TV commercials and web video commercials, but they serve the same core purpose: providing a way for brands to deliver their message to consumers. They can increase brand or product awareness, differentiate a company from its competitors, or announce sales and promotions to encourage viewers to make a purchase or take another action. Exposing consumers to a message repeatedly increases retention and helps to keep a brand top-of-mind to influence purchasing behavior.
  • Are commercials effective?
    • Commercials are an effective form of advertising when they make an emotional connection with the right audience, and advertisers have many options to ensure their commercials are reaching the right consumers. Advertisers can purchase TV commercial spots during certain programs or times of the day when their target consumers are most likely to be watching. Likewise, web video commercials can be targeted based on demographics on social media and on platforms like YouTube, allowing advertisers and marketers to reach their ideal audiences and get the most ROI.
  • How do I make my own commercial?
    • Making your own commercial is easy with Vimeo Create’s free commercial video maker. Decide what goal you want to achieve, such as boosting brand awareness or driving sales, and choose a professionally designed commercial video template that suits your needs. Vimeo Create’s unlimited stock library includes tons of images and video clips you can choose from, or you can upload your own TV commercial video clips or commercial cartoons. Use Vimeo’s commercial editing software to create seamless transitions, add text, and fine-tune your video’s look and feel. The finished product? A polished commercial at a fraction of the cost.

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