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Tips & best practices for creating masterful company profile videos.

A corporate profile video is a powerful way to introduce your business to your audience, quickly conveying what your business is about to potential customers or clients. Follow these expert tips and best practices to create an impactful company profile video that makes a professional, polished first impression and lends credibility to your business. 

Focus on the customer.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, your corporate profile video shouldn’t focus exclusively on your business, your team leaders, or your accomplishments. Instead, put the emphasis on your customer: What does your target customer need or want? How does your company’s products or services solve their problems or make their lives easier? Develop your script with this focus in mind to create an introduction that not only covers the essentials about your business but also conveys why your viewers should care and what you can do for customers.  

Infuse your brand personality with a human touch.

Consumers are more likely to engage with brands they can relate to. Your brand personality conveys authenticity and shared values, a key factor in building the emotional connection that drives brand affinity. With Vimeo Create, you can add text, adjust colors to match your brand, incorporate clips of company leaders or customer testimonials, and more to infuse your video with personality from start to finish.   

Wrap it up with an irresistible call to action. 

While the primary goal of your company profile video might not be to drive sales directly, it’s still imperative to tell viewers what they should do next with a call to action (CTA). For example, invite viewers to follow your social media profiles or sign up for your newsletter to stay in touch about upcoming promotions, offers, or events. Direct them to in-depth content to learn about your products or services, or a helpful tutorial with step-by-step guidance to solve a pain point or issue. You’ve captured their attention with an impressive corporate intro video, so don’t let it go to waste.

Corporate introduction videos frequently asked questions.

  • Why is a company intro video important?
    • Consider this a professional introduction to your audience, potential social media followers, or prospects. They communicate what your company is about and how your products or services will help. When used on a website’s home page or a landing page, an engaging company profile video convinces visitors to stick around and explore your website or take advantage of your offers. Or, these videos can entice viewers to keep up with your brand on social media.
  • What makes a great corporate introduction video?
    • The best of the best don’t focus solely on the company, but on the viewer or customer. Rather than rattling off a list of your company’s accomplishments, interweave the most relevant details with a story or action-packed clips that showcase why viewers should engage with your brand or use your products or services. Vimeo Create includes an unlimited library of stock video clips and images you can use to create an engaging, professional corporate profile video.
  • What should a company intro video include?
    • A great corporate introduction video should clearly and concisely communicate what your brand is about, your company values, your competitive differentiators or unique selling propositions, and why it matters. Infuse your brand’s personality to make an emotional connection with your audience. Use Vimeo Create to add your brand colors, add music, upload clips of your team working behind the scenes, customer testimonials, and clips highlighting the real-world benefits of your products or services.

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