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Level up your application with a professionally-designed vide resume.

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How to make an eye-catching video resume.


Choose a video resume template.

Vimeo’s pre-made, professionally designed templates let you get started in seconds. Choose one you love; you can customize it later.


Add your favorite headshots or video clips.

Upload your photo or video clips to your resume video. Or choose from Vimeo’s library of stock images to add visual elements.


Customize your resume video.

Bring your personality to light with Vimeo’s customization tools. Add music, transitions, and text to your video resume.


Save and share your resume video.

Download your video to send via email or attach to an online application. Vimeo Create also lets you share via social media or on your website.

Make a resume video that’ll land you the job. 

A video CV or resume lets potential employers learn more about the person behind the qualifications. These digital resumes are becoming more and more mainstream in today’s workforce, giving applicants a unique way to talk about their skills. Follow the tips below to make a stand-out video resume.

Example still of a video resume from a career coaching brand

Have a plan.

Don’t get left hanging or stumbling over your words. Write a script for your resume video before you hit the record button. Practice it several times until you feel prepared enough to film without referring to your script frequently. Your words will become more organized, and you’ll exude professionalism.

Be creative!

Video resumes are perfect for showcasing your personality, so let it come through as best as you can. Getting creative can be an excellent way to help your resume stand out. Use Vimeo’s video resume maker to add a touch of humor, make an animated video, or highlight some of your best video editing skills by adding a few examples to your video CV.

Edit it — a lot.

Send your video to a few people you trust to give you honest feedback after editing it yourself. Extra sets of eyes can catch possible mistakes or places where your video might need more clarity. As a result, you’ll get a polished video resume that’s ready to send to employers.

Frequently asked questions.

What is a video resume?

A video CV or video resume is a short video that highlights an applicant’s credentials for a job. These videos share the same information as a traditional resume, including education, work history, and qualifications. However, video resumes allow for more creative expression, which can be great for graphic designers, photographers, and artists.

What should I say in a video resume?

Your video resume should point out the same basic information in a traditional resume, like your work and education history and skills that you can bring to the job you’re applying for. Write a script before shooting to have a clear direction for your video and ensure that you don’t leave out any important information.

Are video resumes a good idea?

Video resumes can be a good idea for most applicants, especially those applying to forward-thinking, innovative companies. Generally, recruiters want to see personality and creativity, two things you can showcase well in a video resume. By using a video resume maker like Vimeo Create, you can create a masterful video CV in minutes that exudes professionalism.

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