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How to make effective training videos.

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  1. Pick a training video template.
    Start your custom training videos off on the right foot with a professionally-designed template from the Vimeo Create library. 
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    Creating training videos for work has never been easier. Add images from the Vimeo Create stock library or add your own clips in just minutes. 
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    Use Vimeo’s training video tools to spruce up your video with edits, captions, fonts, colors, filters, animations, and more. 
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    Save and share your finished video directly on social media through Vimeo’s training video creator to send your message to your team.

Expert tips for creating engaging custom training videos.

Training videos come in many forms, like education intro videos to introduce your business and processes, computer instructional videos to present info, and short training videos to deliver important how-tos. Use these pro tips to hold audience interest and get your videos right.

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Go behind the scenes.

Your custom training videos are more likely to appeal to viewers when you show off your personality. Get employees behind the camera to share their stories and experiences. Showcase a “day in the life” of your company. Tell your brand’s story. Making a connection with your viewers is the first step to build affinity with your company on a deeper level.

Make it interactive.

Your audience can engage with your video through questions or interactive additions. Add hotspots that direct viewers to take a survey or answer a series of questions about the material you’ve covered. Use Vimeo Create to add questions in captions to your free online training videos, where viewers can answer independently or in groups to help them retain what they’ve learned.

Use plenty of visuals.

Always incorporate visuals into your training videos to help viewers understand and absorb the information you’re presenting. Use screencasts, charts, eye-catching animations, or simple graphics that viewers can digest easily. Vimeo Create’s training video creator offers all the bells and whistles you need to create visually compelling video training tools.

Corporate training video frequently asked questions.

  • Is video the most effective way to achieve training objectives?
    • In-depth and short training videos can be excellent resources for employees. Custom training videos can be more engaging than lectures or written material, and free online training videos are accessible for a range of employees. Creating training videos for work doesn’t need to cost your company a lot of money. Make free online training videos with Vimeo Create that look like they were designed by professionals.
  • How do you make effective training videos?
    • Effective custom training videos share important messaging while engaging viewers. Opt for short training videos, and break up dense topics into digestible series. Vimeo Create is the best training video creation software, whether you’re creating an education intro video, training videos for work, or short training videos for business.
  • How can I make training videos look professional?
    • Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Always test your video and audio recording equipment before filming. Avoid distractions with a solid or minimalistic background. Pull your video clips together with Vimeo Create’s training video creator and editing tools. Start with a professional template and edit transitions, text, and branding in just a few minutes.

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