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  1. Sync your Shopify store.
    Log into your Vimeo account and connect your Shopify store in Settings. Then, presto! Your existing product images, text, and prices in Shopify will be automatically uploaded to Vimeo Create.
  2. Pick the video you want to make.
    Choose between making a product video, social ad, product demo, sale video, product teaser, or customer testimonial. Then pick the product you’d like to feature in your video.
  3. Answer some questions and we do the rest.
    Confirm a few details that our smart tool has pulled from your store media, like tagline or price—or change them. Add extra images or videos if you like. Then just click and Vimeo’s ecommerce video tool will make the video for you.
  4. Embed and share your Shopify videos.
    With Vimeo’s Shopify integration, you can embed your new product video directly to your store instantly. If you made a video for social channels, use Vimeo’s built-in distribution tools to share your video directly to your channels.

How to create Shopify videos that sell.

Whether you’re an experienced retailer or a novice, these pro tips will help you create more effective, attention-grabbing videos to grow your audience and sell more products using Vimeo’s Shopify ecommerce integration.

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Use product videos to increase conversions.

Today’s consumers are savvy, and it’s often not enough to provide a written list of a product’s features and benefits. Not only does Vimeo’s free product video creator make it easy to create persuasive product videos for social media, but you can also create product videos for ecommerce and embed videos on your product pages to increase the time visitors spend on your product pages and boost conversions. 

You’ll convert more visitors to buyers when you leverage product video for ecommerce to showcase the real-world use and the various applications and uses for your product, from the practical to the innovative. Unboxing videos, product tours, and customer testimonial videos can mean the difference between a visitor who decides to check out your competitors first and a visitor who hits the buy button immediately. 

Here are a few video types you can try:

  • Product tour videos that cover all the features and benefits and demonstrate how to use your product 
  • “Lifehack” videos that highlight the ingenious ways your customers are using it in the real world. 
  • Real-world product showcase videos leveraging user-generated content
  • Short video ads to promote your products in sponsored posts or video ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. 

Promote your ecommerce videos on social media.

Whether it’s sharing an ecommerce video as a native social media video or promoting your ecommerce product videos in sponsored posts or social media ads, video is a powerful tool for getting your audience’s attention on social media. With Vimeo’s free product video creator, you can create high-quality, engaging product videos for ecommerce and compelling product ads that convert with ease. 

Use detail-rich descriptions, subtitles, and captions to convey your message.

Many web and social media users browse websites and social media platforms with the sound off, and that means that without supporting text to communicate your key message, you’ll quickly lose their interest. Create detail-rich video descriptions and add captions to your product marketing videos with Vimeo’s ecommerce video creator. You can customize the text on every frame to tell your brand’s or product’s story or convey the highlights of a product promotion or store-wide sale, complete with a powerful call-to-action at the end so viewers know exactly what to do next.

Frequently asked questions about Shopify videos.

  • Why should I use my Shopify videos?
    • Many of today’s consumers would rather watch a product video than read a lengthy product description or even a list of product features. Ecommerce product videos keep visitors on site for longer, increase total page visits, and improve the likelihood of purchase. Product videos are effective on social media too. Sharing product videos that showcase a product being used in real-world situations stops the scroll so you can raise awareness about your products.
  • What types of Shopify videos can I create?
    • Vimeo’s Shopify video maker makes it easy to create all kinds of product videos for ecommerce: product introductions, product ads, videos promoting store-wide sales, exclusive offers, limited-time deals, product demos, unboxing videos, product reviews, testimonials, how-to videos, and any other video content you can imagine to showcase your products.
  • How long should Shopify product videos be?
    • Today’s consumers have short attention spans, so it’s essential to captivate viewers within the first few seconds of your product video. Expert opinions on the ideal length of product videos for ecommerce vary, ranging from 5 seconds and 5 minutes. When determining your video’s ideal length, keep your objective in mind (the type of ecommerce video you’re creating), as well as your target audience’s preferences and video specs for the social media platforms you’ll share or promote your video on. At the end of the day, the ideal length for a product video is the length that your audience responds to best, so test everything.

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