An image of a product video screen made with Vimeo Create advertising a flash sale for a fitness watch product. Text on the image reads "Flash Sale - 50% OFF."

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Making a short teaser video that captivates your audience and leaves them wanting more is easy with Vimeo’s teaser video templates.


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How to make a free product video that wows.

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  1. Choose from Vimeo Create’s template library.
    Find a full library of professionally designed product video templates in Vimeo Create. Choose the one that works best to show off your product, and use the editor to customize each element.
  2. Select from our unlimited stock collection.
    Upload your best images and video clips to piece together your product video, or choose from Vimeo’s unlimited library of stock images.
  3. Edit your product video.
    Make your product explainer video or product reveal video match your branding and come to life with text, filters, colors, layouts, captions, and more.
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    Whether you want to share your product launch video on your website or social media, you can share your product video directly within Vimeo Create.

Make a free product video that lets your revenue soar.

Whether you’re online-only or have a brick-and-mortar presence, you know that your brand’s stylish packaging and product design needs a modern digital marketing strategy to match. Still, it can be tough to find new ways to present your products to your people while juggling the day-to-day demands of owning and operating your small business.

The image is from a Vimeo Create product video advertisement during the editing process. To the right, a woman holds a smartphone. On the left, a block of text reads "50% off the entire collection."

A product explainer video packs a lot of information into a few minutes of visuals. These expert tips can help you bring your best product launch video ideas to life.

Show your audience why your brand stands out.

You know why your brand stands out amongst the crowd — make sure your customers do, too. Video can help you highlight your brand philosophy and showcase the amazing work you do. Share what makes your products unique with potential customers, and watch that trust skyrocket.

Keep your message short, meaningful, and authentic.

Use your videos to bring product descriptions, brand philosophy, and helpful advice to your people. Remember: attention spans are pretty brief in the digital space, so keep your message short, meaningful, and most importantly, make it feel like you. Customize it even further with font and color choices to make videos that nail your distinctive point of view.
Stick to the goal.

Will your product video inform, build awareness, or convert? Decide on a clear goal for your video before designing it to help your video stay on track and make sense to your audience. For example, a product explainer video works for a tutorial, but an advertisement is better for brand awareness. A product reveal video is an excellent choice if you’re looking for new product launch video ideas.

Highlight your product’s features and benefits.

Did you know that 90% of customers say that video has helped them make a purchase decision? (We were impressed, too.) What makes your products unique? Is it flavor combinations? Ingredients? Materials? Highlight all those awesome product details, and watch those items get added to more carts.
But don’t be pushy.

Build human connections in your video by making it people-focused instead of pushy. Tell your product’s story while giving consumers helpful information to take with them. Add a clear call-to-action with Vimeo’s free product video maker to encourage them to learn more or buy your product.

Give it professional edits.

Vimeo Create is the best product video maker for professional-looking videos that don’t require professional editing. You can become the video editor you always wanted to be with built-in tools and filters that make your images and video clips stand out, smooth transitions between clips, and show off a finished product that’s ready to sell. Browse Vimeo Create’s professionally designed product showcase video templates to get inspired by amazing new product launch video ideas.

Product video frequently asked questions.

  • How do you make a good product video?
    • Video can sell products faster than a photo or description can, but only if it’s done correctly. A good product video, whether it’s a product explainer video or a product launch video, tells a story from beginning to end, gives the customer information they didn’t have before, and shows a product in action. Through engaging video clips, messaging, and editing, your product can sell itself.
  • How do you introduce a product in a video?
    • Your product introduction is arguably the most important part of your product video. From the second someone sees your product, they already have an idea of whether that product is something they want or need. To successfully introduce your product, use only high-quality video clips or images, touch on your customers’ pain points, and explain why your product is the solution.
  • How can I edit a product video?
    • Animated sales video production doesn’t require a big budget or a professional design studio. With Vimeo Create’s free product video creator, you have access to professionally designed templates to get your video started. From there, you can add text, music, filters, and more to craft a compelling video that looks like it came straight from a production studio. Learn more about making a video with Vimeo Create.

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