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Best practices for creating informative tutorial videos.

Tutorial videos help you showcase your best DIY projects or tips and how-tos to deliver more value to your audience.  These expert tips and best practices will help you create informative, engaging tutorial videos to show your viewers how to make delicious recipes, Pinterest-worthy craft projects, impressive DIY projects, and more. 

make a bowl tutorial video

Choose a functional recording location.

Choose a recording location with minimal background noise, good lighting, and good acoustics. The wrong location can result in echoes and distracting background noise that lower the quality of your production and make it difficult for viewers to follow along. Be mindful of the background, too. Remove any personal effects or items with visible sensitive information and create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your tutorial video.  

Use a time lapse to cover lengthy stepse. 

Some recipes, crafts, and DIY projects have a few time-consuming steps that aren’t necessary for viewers to see — like waiting for a pie crust to bake or glue to set. Vimeo Create makes it easy to trim out the unnecessary parts to keep viewers’ interested. If your project includes tedious, time-consuming steps, such as painting a base layer to a DIY project or mixing together a series of ingredients, a time lapse is the perfect way to make the boring parts go faster for your audience. Learn how to make videos with a time lapse.

Use text and static images to convey important points.

Use Vimeo Create to add text to your tutorial video and break it up with static images to provide closeups of specific steps, ingredients or supplies, and, of course, the finished masterpiece.

Frequently asked questions about tutorials.

  • What makes a good tutorial video?
    • The best tutorial videos are clear, easy to understand, and follow a logical sequence of events. They focus on a target viewer and cater to that target viewer’s needs. For instance, a novice DIY-er might need more detailed explanations of how to complete each step, while an experienced DIY-er might be looking for more advanced tips or instructions.
  • How long should a tutorial video be?
    • The ideal length of a DIY, craft, or recipe tutorial video depends on where you plan to publish it. Each social media platform has its own video specifications, so you’ll want to create a video for each platform that meets these requirements. For more complex DIY projects, use Vimeo Create to design short teaser videos that direct viewers to the complete DIY tutorial on your website or another platform. Or, you can create a series of videos covering each step.
  • How do you film a tutorial video?
    • Filming a tutorial or DIY video is easy with Vimeo Create. You can record your screen, upload clips shot with a camera or drone, or even make video using your smartphone. Then, add text and effects, create seamless transitions, adjust colors, and more to customize your tutorial video to DIY perfection.

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