Crop videos for free with Vimeo Create.

Crop anywhere in your video and meet all the right specs with Vimeo’s simple Crop + Fit feature.

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How to crop a video for free with Vimeo Create.


Choose a video from your Vimeo Create library or upload a new video that you want to crop.


Select your video orientation in Vimeo Create’s video cropping tool. You can choose portrait, landscape, or square.


Frame your video using the Crop + Fit tool, then pinch to adjust its scale or drag it to reposition.


Preview your video to ensure it looks just right. Then, save it to your desktop or share it directly from Vimeo Create.

“We are big fans of Vimeo Create. We don’t have the time or money necessary to outsource demo videos, so being able to create them quickly and beautifully was a game-changer for us!”

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Founder of Spoak
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Cut and crop your videos just right.

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Crop videos to meet exact social media specifications.

It seems like every social media platform has unique video specifications, and it can get confusing which is which, especially when you’re in the thick of creating. Crop videos to landscape, portrait, or square orientation in common aspect ratios for platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, including 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1. It only takes seconds to choose your video orientation, then you can get to customizing, saving, and sharing your videos anywhere online.

Repurpose your videos without reinventing the wheel.

You’ve put a lot of work into creating engaging video content, so it makes sense to repurpose them across multiple social media platforms. Rather than creating unique video content for every social network, use Vimeo Create’s video cropping tool to easily format your videos to the right orientation and the perfect size for any social network.

Crop videos for free, fast.

Hiring a professional video editor can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if your video only needs a few small tweaks. Wondering how to crop a video for free? Vimeo Create’s video editing and cropping tool is both free and easy-to-use, so you can create engaging videos and quickly cut and crop your videos to meet your requirements — without spending a fortune on a professional video production studio.

Frequently asked questions.

Crop a video size in minutes with Vimeo Create. Simply upload the video you want to crop, use the Crop + Fit tool to frame it, then pinch to adjust the size of your video. Vimeo Create’s video cropper makes it easy to crop your videos to square, portrait, or landscape orientation in 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Upload the video you want to crop to Vimeo Create, then use the Crop + Fit tool to select the area you want to keep. Preview your cropped video to ensure it’s cut to perfection and save it to share it with the world.

Cut and crop videos for free on your phone with the Vimeo Create app. To get started, upload your clips or start a new video from scratch, then choose your video orientation (portrait, landscape, or square). Use the Crop + Fit feature to frame your media and pinch it to resize or drag it to reposition.

Crop your video in minutes.