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Upload any clip and create a high-quality GIF in seconds!

GIF in a video editor. To the left, image of a drink with fruit garnish. To the right, a quartered grapefruit

How to make a GIF with Vimeo in 3 steps.


Then click into the video you’d like to GIF, and select “GIF” from the left sidebar in the player. From there, click the “Create a GIF” button to jump into the animated GIF maker.


Using the video timeline handles, select the start and end time of your GIF and click “Create.” Each GIF can be up to six seconds long, and you can create up to four per video!


You are now a pro GIF creator. Click the down-arrow at the lower right-hand corner of the editor to download your GIF for future use. (Or, click “Embed” on the player to generate an email platform-specific embed code that’ll make embedding as easy as a simple copy + paste!)

“A video ad that would have previously taken weeks of planning, writing, scheduling, and editing can now be accomplished in a matter of hours. Vimeo Create helps us save both time and money, the two most precious resources for any business.”

Angela Caglia
Founder, Angela Caglia Skincare
flat lay of skincare serums, creams, powders, and textures against a pink background

Make attention-grabbing GIFs to fuel your digital marketing.

The process of making a GIF, featuring the profile of a woman and the text "choose which part to loop"

Use GIFs across multiple marketing channels.

GIFs are incredibly versatile because they’re short, sweet, and small enough in file size to use on any social media platform. You can embed GIFs on your website, use them in your email marketing, and make them a staple in your social media replies to engage your fans and followers. With Vimeo’s animated GIF maker, you can make fun, unique GIFs to complement all your marketing efforts.

Create snazzy GIFs with just the right specs.

To make sure your GIFs are viewable across your marketing channels and retain the best quality, use our GIF maker online to create them with the proper specs. Square GIFs are best, with an ideal size of 480 pixels by 480 pixels, although a 3:2 or 2:3 aspect ratio also works. In general, you’ll want to keep them under 100 MB in size to avoid compression that can reduce their quality — or even make them unviewable or undeliverable. The more frames per second, the larger the GIF file size, so aim for 15 to 24 frames per second.

Tap into higher engagement with GIFs.

Use our free GIF editor to create GIF for all your marketing channels — email, your website and landing pages, social media, and more — and tap into higher engagement. On Twitter, for example, Tweets containing GIFs see as much as 55% more engagement compared to those without, and they increase email engagement, too. In fact, GIFs can boost email engagement by up to 73%!

Frequently asked questions.

Don’t have a big budget? With Vimeo Create’s free GIF maker, you can make a GIF from a video in minutes. Start with a video from your Vimeo Create library or upload a new clip, then go into our animated GIF maker. From there, select your start and end times (up to 6 seconds in length!) to create your own custom GIF for free.

There’s been a heated debate about how to pronounce GIF for as long as GIFs have been in existence. Do you pronounce GIF like “jif,” with a familiar sound that reminds you of your favorite peanut butter? Or do you pronounce it with a hard “g,” as in “gift”? While the creator of GIFs declared it’s pronounced with a soft “g” back in 2013, some have made the case for the hard “g” due to the pronunciation of what it stands for: “graphics interchange format.” And so, the debate rages on!

You don’t need video content to create a GIF — you can make your own gif from a series of pictures, too. Start by making a slideshow video with Vimeo Create, using your own pictures or images from our stock library, or use a slideshow you’ve already uploaded. Then, pop into the editor to turn any 6-second clip into a fabulous downloadable or embeddable GIF.

Try Vimeo’s free GIF maker.