Add stickers to your video with Vimeo Create.

Add stickers to your videos to give them a touch of personality your audience can relate to.

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How to put add stickers to your video.


Navigate to the editor for the video you want to add a sticker to and select the scene you want to place a sticker in. Select “Sticker” from the left-hand editing menu to navigate to the “Add Sticker” window.


Filter your search by using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the window or click “View All” to explore all the animated stickers, static stickers, and text stickers in the library. Or, upload your own!


After exploring Vimeo Create’s 650+ sticker collection and choosing the perfect sticker, simply click to add it to your scene. You can also add stickers to other scenes in your video.


Make any other edits to your video, then save your changes. Share your video with a link, copy the embed code to embed it on your website, or share it directly to social media from our video sticker editor.

“We are big fans of Vimeo Create. We don’t have the time or money necessary to outsource demo videos, so being able to create them quickly and beautifully was a game-changer for us!”

Hilah Stahl
Founder of Spoak
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Easily add stickers to video with Vimeo Create.

image of animated stickers being added to a video while it's edited in Vimeo Create

A video sticker can add context to a video.

Simply sharing a video might not get your message across. If you want your audience to understand how you feel about the video content, a sticker — a thumbs-up sticker, for instance — is the perfect way to communicate your feelings instantly without adding tons of text. Choose from hundreds of stickers in our video sticker editor to efficiently convey your attitude, thoughts, or feelings.

Share or emphasize important information with video stickers.

Your audience isn’t likely to read a long block of text accompanying a video, and depending on where you’re sharing it, you might not have that option anyway. Animated video stickers help you convey vital information or emphasize details without taking up too much space. For example, an animated “50% off” sticker immediately lets viewers know they can score a great deal, so they’re more likely to keep watching.

Use a video sticker to add a call-to-action (CTA).

What do you want viewers to do after watching your video? Animated stickers add a pop of personality to any video, whether that’s a slideshow of your favorite vacation memories with your family or an Instagram Story your small business can use to announce a seasonal sale. Text stickers or seasonal animations are a perfect way to usher in PSL season or celebrate #NationalDonutDay. No matter the occasion, there’s a perfect sticker for that. Stickers can encourage viewers to like your video, subscribe to your channel, swipe up, sign up, click here, or just about any action you can think of. And, if you don’t find the CTA sticker you’re looking for in our video sticker editor, you can upload your own for unlimited possibilities!

Frequently asked questions.

Yes! Vimeo Create’s video sticker editor makes it easy to put stickers on your videos. Vimeo Create has more than 650 stickers to choose from, with filtering options to help you find just what you’re looking for. And if you don’t find the perfect sticker in our library, you can upload your own if you have a Vimeo Business account (or higher).

Add stickers to video online with Vimeo Create’s video sticker editor. Simply select the scene you want to add a sticker to and browse our library of hundreds of video stickers. Filter your search by selecting a category from the dropdown menu. When you find a sticker that suits your needs, click on it to add it to your scene.

To add a sticker to a video on iPhone, navigate to your video in the Vimeo Create app and select the scene you want to add a sticker to. Click the blue plus button and select “Sticker” from the menu options. Then, browse our sticker collection or filter the results by tapping the arrow next to “All” at the top of your screen. Once you’ve found the best video sticker, tap on it to add it to your scene.

Add stickers to your next video.