Video for Business

How to optimize videos for SEO

Demystify search engine optimization for video. Check out our best video SEO tips and tactics to create a high performing video SEO strategy.


A beginner’s guide to sustainable marketing

Learn how to share your brand's commitment to sustainable practices that positively impact the environment with sustainable marketing.

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Product News

Pump up the SEO - We're transforming how your videos surface on Google

We’re invested in the success of our video-loving community – which is why we are an early adopter of Google Search’s best SEO practices for video players.

Live Streaming

How to build a customer marketing strategy

A great customer marketing strategy makes customers feel supported, valued, and empowered. Learn how to build your strategy with video.

Live Streaming

How to plan and host a successful virtual event

So you’re going virtual. From live streaming to ticketing platforms, here’s how to make sure your next digital event goes off without a hitch.

Video for Business

What are Google's featured snippets?

Plus, these are the 8 types of snippets you'll see on Google search results.

Video for Business

How to write winning product descriptions

Here’s how to write product descriptions that actually convert.

Video Creation

Become an overlay all-star: how to master video overlays for your edits

Video overlay effects give your video that wow factor. Here's how.

Video Creation

Why video resumes are the future of recruiting talent

Here's how to polish up your (video) resume.

Video for Business

The future of ecommerce? Shoppable video

Shoppable video will make it easier than ever for customers to buy right from your video content.

Video for Business

NFT videos: Everything you need to know in 2022

What's a video NFT? Don't worry, we'll explain.

Video for Business

How to build customer loyalty with video

Customer incentive programs can build brand loyalty. Here's how to use video to keep customers coming back.

Video for Business

How to edit your TikTok videos: a simple guide for beginners

Here's how to edit your videos outside of TikTok, plus the best apps out there for editing.